Motorhome Air Conditioning Fitting

Motorhome air conditioning offers the benefit of keeping your motorhome cool and comfortable in the summer, by circulating cool air. Installing units which include a heater feature also make it easier to warm up your motorhome during those chilly summer evenings and in-between season times.

At Motorhome Workshop, we offer a fitted-for-you product range, with 2 main types of 12v units to choose from:

    • Roof Mounted Air Conditioning – mounted to use a suitably available 400×400 roof vent. This avoids additional cutting or alterations to your motorhome.
    • Internally Mounted Air Conditioning – as the name suggests, this type of unit is fitted inside the vehicle. This should be in an out of the way place such as under a seat or in a cupboard or storage space.

Motorhome air conditioning units can run direct from 240v mains hook up or may run from 12v power when the motorhome is being driven, providing a full DC kit is fitted.

We supply only the highest quality, better-performing air con products on a fitted-for-you basis. Fitting takes place at our workshop in Sussex. This has been independently-approved and is fully certified under the Approved Workshop Scheme, so you can have every confidence in the quality of all of our motorhome fitting services.

Please browse our products and if you want to know more about the types of units and fitting options, ask our expert team for information and advice on 01903 21 31 41. We can also give you a no-obligation quote with the exact pricing for your make and model of caravan or motorhome – just fill out the fitting request form at the bottom of this page.

£1,755.00£2,316.00 supplied and fitted, includes VAT

Vehicles of any size can be air conditioned with the successful FreshJet series, which includes four models in the series. These three FreshJets are the smallest air conditioners on the market. The power versions shown here have the same ultra-compact design, which still leaves space for solar panels or a satellite dish on the roof or even for a second FreshJet if you need separate air conditioning areas. Very low starting currents with FreshJet 1100/1700 and soft start with the 2200 model ensure that the units run smoothly even on campsites with low electrical protection

£1,943.00 supplied and fitted, includes VAT

The lightest camping roof-mounted air conditioning system in its classThe Truma Aventa Eco can be installed in place of a skylight and cools your caravan or motor home quickly and efficiently. While it is running, it cleans and dries the circulated air. Dehumidification helps create a pleasant inside climate, even with minor differences between inside and outside temperature. In spite of its high output, the roof-mounted air conditioning system is very quiet.

£1,970.00£2,268.00 supplied and fitted, includes VAT

The Truma Saphir air conditioning system is installed in the storage space of the caravan. It distributes the air individually and flexibly in the room. It also shifts the centre of gravity to the bottom of the caravan, which has a favorable effect on driving quality.

These are just a few of our most popular products.
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