Motorhome upgrades can be the ideal solution when you want to improve your motorhome but not replace it.

Most people invest significantly in their motorhome and don’t really want to move on to a new vehicle – so don’t move, just improve with Motorhome Workshop. Our motorhome upgrade services can be tailored to suit any aspect of your motorhome, including coach built and campervan conversions.

External upgrades

External bolt-on parts such as bike racks, tow bars, roof racks, and awnings are very popular and useful additions for motorhomes. Why take up space inside when we can upgrade your motorhome to carry items safely outside?

Motorhome suspension upgrades

If things are starting to sag and slow up, it could be a sign of age or uneven weight distribution – for motorhomes as well as people! The good news is that upgrading the factory suspension of your motorhome can make a significant improvement to your motorhome’s handling and safety at speed.

Electrical upgrades

All types of electrical products can be supplied and fitted, including:

  • Inverters
  • Leisure batteries
  • Solar panels
  • Televisions
  • Motorhome WiFi (MiFi)
  • Satellites
  • Dash cams and navigation systems

Even air conditioning and generators can be retrofitted to upgrade your motorhome – just contact us to find out about suitable product upgrades for your motorhome’s make and model.

Gas upgrades

LPG is one of the most popular base fuel systems for motorhome habitation areas. Appliances such as fridges, heating and cooking devices all tend to run on LPG or propane gas.

Our qualified technicians can service and upgrade all LPG systems on the vehicle including products from Alde, Truma and Dometic. Upgrading to refillable systems such as Gas-it and Gaslow make it incredibly easy and significantly cheaper to top up gas as you travel, rather than have to lug and replace canisters.

Motorhome security

Upgrading your motorhome’s security can be essential – whether you’re in it and touring, away from the van for the day or storing it. Our upgrade services include installation of motorhome alarm systems, upgraded door locks, trackers and other motorhome security devices.

Internal upgrades

Whilst we hope you don’t have any problems with your vehicle, sometimes things just happen! At Motorhome Workshop we’re also fully equipped and able to help with any repairs and servicing of the habitation area. We even perform AWS approved habitation checks and advise on any system upgrades.

All of our motorhome upgrade services can be customised to suit your vehicle and your needs. So, if you have any specific questions about suitable products and systems, just contact our expert team on 01903 21 31 41.

You can also fill out our easy upgrade request form at the bottom of this page and we’ll provide you with a free, no-obligation quote.

All our motorhome upgrade services take place at our professional workshop on the South Coast. Our team includes qualified technicians and product experts. We have also been independently assessed and fully certified under the Approved Workshop Scheme (AWS).

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