Planning your own camper conversion but are struggling for ideas? Need to solve a problem and need a little help? If so, this article is for you!

We have collated some of our favourite camper conversion ideas from our own pins and listed the best of this here on this page. The idea is to provide some actionable, real life solutions to common camper conversion challenges.

We hope they help!

Hammock bed

Making space for a bed within a camper conversion can be more trouble than it really should be. That’s especially true if you use a small or unconventional van for the conversion.

So how about using hammocks instead of trying to shoehorn a full bed inside a small space? It won’t work for everyone but for solo explorers, it could the perfect solution!

Full kitchen

If the idea of not eating well while you’re travelling in your camper conversion fills you with horror, how about this full kitchen instead? It does take up quite a lot of space but the intelligent positioning minimises it as much as possible.

It looks almost like a full home kitchen and uses standard kitchen techniques in the build. It does weigh a bit but also offers all the comforts of home!

Secret shower

Who says living on the road means you have to be unwashed? This innovative shower solution uses a hidden box for drainage and a removable shower curtain to keep water inside. Along with some good ventilation and a warm water system, this is the perfect solution for keeping clean in small spaces.

No more hanging the showerhead off the back door or hanging a flimsy shower screen off the side of the van with this!

Woodworker’s dream

If you’re good with wood, this solution uses cabinetry to provide a raised bed alongside practical storage for bikes, tools and anything else you might like to take on your trips.

If you’re any good with carpentry, it’s a great solution for sports fans who need somewhere for kit or picnic gear. The space is more than flexible enough for most needs!

Sliding stove

If you want to bring the outside in, this sliding stove idea is so simple but so ingenious. If your camper conversion has a single door at the back, you even get a built-in rain shelter in the deal!

The system uses readily available sliders and a well-designed box and grill arrangement to deliver a very compact cooker that is also safe to use. Half cooker, half barbecue and the best of both worlds!

Van with sundeck

Fancy a room with a view in your camper conversion? How about building a simple deck on the roof? It will prevent you adding solar panels but could deliver extra living space with great views of your surroundings!

You will need to pay attention to roof strength and weight but the project itself should be very straightforward.

Bunk beds

Admittedly these bunk beds aren’t for the claustrophobic but they are an ingenious way to sleep two using minimal space. The curtain allows a view and access from the main van but keeps things dark, ready for sleep.

There is even some practical storage at the foot of each bed and underneath too!

Novel kitchen storage

Finding enough storage is always a challenge in a camper conversion but this simple but very effective solution is great. Half a door uses a magnetic knife strip to keep knives safe and the other uses metal containers to keep essentials safe and undisturbed.

Those metal containers can be held in place using magnets or screwed into place. Either way, it’s a simple but effective solution to some of camping’s key challenges.

Wood glorious wood

Making a van conversion look something other than a van conversion can be tricky but we think this van looks the biz. A combination of sauna van and homely space delivers the warmth and character only wood can while hiding wiring and insulation.

It’s a very homely space and delivers the relaxed feel we want when we’re on the road. Wood also comes in hundreds of colours and textures so you could create the feel you wanted with minimal effort.

There are some genuinely innovative ideas on this page that could be applied to almost any van conversion you can think of. We hope you find inspiration here, we certainly did!

If you would like help with your DIY conversion project, check out our Van Conversions page that lists our services.

All work takes place at our workshop in Sussex.

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