The Mercedes-Benz Sprinter is an excellent donor for a van conversion. It’s well-built, comes in short and long wheelbase, has strong engines, reliable mechanicals and there have been hundreds of Sprinter van conversions done before so inspiration is plentiful.

And that’s what this post is all about. Taking inspiration from previous Sprinter van conversions to provide ideas for your next project.

Check these out!

Country kitchen

This country kitchen inside a Sprinter may be a little much for some but if you’re planning longer trips or have a family to cater for, it could be ideal. It’s a light, bright, white kitchen with the look and feel of an apartment.

It comes complete with over, hot and shower stall too!

Super storage

This Sprinter has an innovative storage solution at the rear. If you’re planning to take bikes, scuba gear, windsurfer or any large item, you have to plan carefully. This is an excellent example of clever storage that doesn’t restrict the rest of the van conversion all that much.

Rear seating

If you don’t need storage for large items you can use a more modest storage solution complete with fold down seating at the back. Park in the right direction and you’ll have unrivalled views of your surroundings.

You could also add an awning over the top for rainy days!

Dog’s life

If you regularly travel with animals, finding them somewhere safe and out of the way to sleep can be a challenge. This solution is ideal. A pair of dog crates underneath combination beds and seating allows dogs to be transported safely and kept under control, all while feeling part of the pack.

If you travel with animals and don’t want them climbing all over your van, this could be the ideal solution!

Home from home

This next Sprinter van conversion idea is a little out there but could be ideal for singles or couples on the road. It’s a two-story build with a bed on the floor at the back and a set of stairs up to a modest mezzanine. It’s a great idea with storage under the stairs and supporting that mezzanine.

While this configuration limits you for storage and a bathroom, it could be ideal for day trippers.

Keeping things warm

Having a log burner in a van isn’t for everyone but if you regularly get cold when you travel, it could be the ideal solution. It’s small, doesn’t take up much room, gives out a lot of heat and can boil a kettle too!

This will need careful installation but could be the winter van conversion you’re looking for!

Smart storage

Anyone who has done a Sprinter conversion will be well versed in thinking outside the box for innovative storage. This one is a stroke of genius. It takes often unused space underneath kitchen cupboards and turns it into accessible storage.

While you’ll need to be limber, it’s a great use of space.

Picnic spot

This Sprinter conversion idea means you’ll never had to drive around hunting for a picnic spot again. It’s a sliding bench and table that makes perfect sense. Room enough for four, takes up very little space and utilizes available areas at the back.

If you’re taking the family with you, this could be the answer to all your dining problems!

Kitchen with a view

There are all kinds of sliding and revolving kitchens in camper conversions but this has to be one of the best. While this is as much about the setting as the kitchen, it showcases exactly why having a kitchen in front of the side door of your Sprinter could be just what you’re looking for.

This one seems fixed in place but you could have a slider or swinging kitchen unit too!

If you would like help with your DIY conversion project, check out our Van Conversions page that lists our services.

All work takes place at our workshop in Sussex.

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