If you’re looking to spend extended periods of time on the road or want to explore the world in a camper, you’re not alone. More people than ever before are buying or converting campers.

That’s why we put this list of the best large vans for camper conversion together.

If the vans covered in our best vans for camper conversion are a little small for your needs, there are a few large van options you could try that provide a little more space.

Five of the best large vans for camper conversion include:

  1. Volkswagen Crafter
  2. Mercedes Sprinter LWB
  3. Ford Transit LWB
  4. Renault Master
  5. Citroen Relay/Peugeot Boxer

Volkswagen Crafter

The Volkswagen Crafter uses a similar philosophy to the Transporter in terms of quality, practicality and car-like driving. You also get a higher driving position and huge windscreen offering unrivalled views of the road.

The Volkswagen Crafter uses some VW car tech including safety technology, active cruise control and self parking. You also have the option of the readymade VW Grand California or the upcoming e-Crafter for a greener camper conversion.

The Volkswagen Crafter could make an excellent donor for a camper conversion but is a more expensive van to buy than some.

Mercedes-Benz Sprinter LWB

The Mercedes-Benz Sprinter LWB has a huge cargo area ripe for conversion, yet is just as driveable as the standard van. It also includes some of the brand’s car tech including the MBUX infotainment system and some safety features.

The larger Sprinter is available in a huge range of configurations and roof heights and if you’re buying new, the eSprinter is a greener option for those who don’t want to venture too far off the beaten track.

The Mercedes-Benz Sprinter is ripe for camper conversion and while almost as expensive as the VW, is slightly more accessible from the used commercial market.

Ford Transit

Ford has changed the naming of their vans so the midsize is now Transit Custom while LWB vans are Transits. The larger van is perfect for camper conversion with cavernous cargo area, flexible configurations and the same practicality of its smaller sibling.

You also get car tech in Ford SYNC3, 10 speed automatic gearbox and the new EcoBlue diesel engines. Ford also offers a 4×4 option for its vans which could be perfect for those wanting to take their camper further into the wilds.

The Ford Transit van is accessible, relatively low cost and everyone knows how to fix them. They don’t always hold their value as other brands though.

Renault Master

The Renault Master is nothing if not flexible. It has 4 wheelbases, 3 roof heights, FWD, RWD and dozens of configurations. The panel van has lots of interior space and some ready-made conversion options.

The Renault Master is a big van but doesn’t drive like it. It has comfortable seating, great visibility and decent engines. The Renault Master ZE will soon offer an electric variant for those wanting to take green motoring to the next level.

The Renault Master makes sense as a donor van for camper conversion. It is readily available new or used, is flexible, low cost and frugal too!

Citroen Relay/Peugeot Boxer

The Citroen Relay/Peugeot Boxer are the same van with different branding. They are available in 4 lengths, 3 wheelbases and 3 roof heights and all make great large vans for camper conversion.

The interiors are large, very convertible and could lend themselves perfectly well to being lived in. Seating up front is comfortable and the cans have great road manners. Finally, both vans have some frugal diesel engines with fully electric models coming soon.

The Citroen Relay/Peugeot Boxer may not have the brand cache as VW or Mercedes-Benz but they are cheaper to buy, which could make all the difference.

Alternative large vans for camper conversion

While each of these large vans are ideal donors for camper conversion, they aren’t your only option. You don’t have to buy a mainstream van at all if you don’t want to.

You could also consider a Luton camper conversion. Higher roof height and that box over the cab for sleeping gives you lots of interior space to play around with.

Horse boxes and ex-army trucks are also ripe for conversion. Both are readily available at accessible prices, both can be driven on the road if taxed and MOT’d and both have huge potential for camper conversion.

Or how about an old bus? Single or double decker, readily available and cheap to buy. Not necessarily cheap to convert but offers the most interior space out of any of these other donors.

If you would like help with your DIY conversion project, check out our Van Conversions page that lists our services.

All work takes place at our workshop in Sussex.

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