An American RV (recreational vehicle) is a majestic vehicle and a great way to travel.

An American RV is a good example of how size really does matter. Based on American chassis vehicles, these typically larger vehicles feature designs and manufacturing methods which are very different to European leisure vehicles.

There’s a healthy market for pre-owned RVs but the chances are that any American RV for sale will come with some tweaks and upgrades which need addressing in order to make the vehicle your own.

Our motorhome upgrade services include American RV upgrades across many of the systems you’d find in an RV, such as:

RV power converter upgrade

Many RVs work on 110v AC initially, with very few items working on the 12v battery. This makes a hook-up or generator essential to power the majority of items in the habitation area – including those large domestic appliances and air conditioning which are classic features of RV interiors. Although it’s great to have these facilities, the power required makes it impossible to go off-grid.

Our RV power upgrade will convert your American RV to accept a 240v hookup cable. We’ll also upgrade the wiring to UK safety standards. Although most American vehicles are required to have this completed on import, this isn’t always done to the required safety standards – so we can check and upgrade this for you as needed.

We can also upgrade the power system so you can go off-grid, with inverters and a leisure battery fitting service to upgrade your battery to something more suitable.

RV water systems

It’s essential to check water systems and sanitation systems regularly, to prevent problems and identify necessary repairs or upgrades. RV toilet repair parts can be hard to find, but our motorhome toilet fitting service can upgrade your RV systems and take care of plumbing issues at the same time.

RV Gas systems

Our certified teams are ACOPS Gas certified. We’re experts in fault-finding and fitting gas systems to all types of leisure vehicles, including RVs. Our upgrade packages can include looking at RV gas hot water systems in conjunction with the water system, so that all basic comforts are running smoothly and safely.

RV Habitation areas

As well as focusing on the systems, we don’t forget the fixtures and fittings of RV habitation areas either. We offer full habitation and safety checks and can offer repairs and upgrades to malfunctioning systems and individual items, such as RV interior lights.

If you have any specific questions about our RV upgrade services, please contact our expert team on 01903 21 31 41.

You can also fill out our easy upgrade request form at the bottom of this page and we’ll provide you with a free, no-obligation quote.

All our American RV upgrade and fitting services take place at our professional workshop on the South Coast. Our team of qualified technicians and product experts has been independently assessed and fully certified under the Approved Workshop Scheme (AWS).

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