As one of the most popular van types around, the VW Transporter is fertile ground for experimenting and for converting. If you’re planning your own Volkswagen Transporter conversion, this page is for you!

We have collected what we think are some truly inspirational ideas for converting a VW Transporter. We’re sure you’ll find something that’s perfect for your own project!

Open shower

As long as you’re not the shy type, this outdoor shower on the rear door of a VW Transporter is amazing. It’s a full rainfall shower head fed internally by a water tank.

The height and angle lend themselves perfectly to use as a shower. We would recommend using some kind of mobile screen to protect your modesty though!

Sliding kitchen

If you’re handy with a hammer, this sliding kitchen is the ultimate in space saving. It slides out from underneath the seating area and presumably, the sleeping area out back.

It is covered by the door and provides enough space for a cooker and basic food preparation. It’s an excellent way to offer camp-style cooking from within your van.

Off-road camper

We’ll admit that the styling isn’t for everyone but there’s no denying the attraction of being able to roam literally anywhere. This German VW conversion takes that to another level.

It’s a high-riding camper conversion with off road tyres and a blacked out look. With a little tweaking, this could definitely be a worthwhile project for a VW Transporter conversion.

Japanese teahouse

We are big fans of this VW Transporter conversion. It’s a mix of Scandi and Japanese styling with a simple wood interior done very well. The woodwork is impeccable but the interior space, while simple, is a great place to be.

If you don’t need a kitchen, shower or other stuff in your conversion, this is definitely an example to use as inspiration.

The rustic look

At the opposite end of the carpentry scale, we have the rustic look. While completely different, we equally like this look. It’s simple, looks home made and homely and would be very cheap to put together.

It does take more skill than you might think to create a realistic rustic look but it is achievable. This example proves it.

Light sleeper

Need to sleep more occasionally in your VW Transporter conversion? How about this folding bunk? It’s built to fold into the wall when not in use and is fixed to the roof by a rope and shackle.

As long as the person using it is light, it’s an excellent way to squeeze one more body into the van.

Home office

With more of us working outside the traditional 9-5, working a mini office into a camper conversion is a no-brainer. Especially when it can be as simple as a movable desk and comfortable seating.

The positioning of the desk is as important as the build. A seat with views out the side, front and rear, offering three lots of inspiration at once!

What do you think of these VW Transporter conversion ideas? Have you any to share?

If you would like help with your DIY conversion project, check out our Van Conversions page that lists our services.

All work takes place at our workshop in Sussex.

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