Lithium Leisure Battery Fitting

Leisure batteries are essential for providing reliable power to appliances and accessories in campervans, caravans, motorhomes and boats. They are specialised batteries that can be charged quickly and discharged almost completely without damage.

Motorhome Workshop supplies and fits lithium leisure batteries as part of our range of motorhome services.

Professional fitting is essential for getting the most out of your battery. Lithium leisure batteries have specific requirements for maximum efficiency that include:

    1. Checking the charging voltage of the alternator
    2. Checking the charging voltage of any mains charger you might use
    3. Verifying the solar panel specifications suit the type of battery you’re installing
    4. Installing a temperature sensor to help maintain ideal working conditions for the battery

All these things will be included within our lithium leisure battery fitting service.

All lithium leisure battery fitting will be carried out by skilled staff within our AWS approved workshop in Goring-by-sea, West Sussex.

If you need help or advice specifying your lithium leisure battery or want to book an installation, call our team on 01903 21 31 41.

Lithium Leisure Batteries

Lithium leisure batteries have advantages over lead acid that make them ideal for motorhomes, campervans and other vehicles.

They are light, fast charging and efficient. They can also last up to twice as long as a lead acid battery when installed correctly, which is where our lithium leisure battery fitting service comes in.

Lithium leisure batteries do cost more than lead acid, which is even more reason to have them professionally installed!

Highlights of lithium batteries include:

    • Fast charging – Depending on make, model and installation
    • Safe discharge – Can be discharged up to 95% without impacting operating life
    • Sustained voltage – Lithium batteries deliver sustained voltage regardless of discharge levels
    • Low maintenance – Lithium batteries require very little maintenance once installed
    • Safe to use – No harmful chemicals, no risk of fumes or risk of fire

Our team of trained technicians can fit batteries while you wait. We can also fit solar panels, inverters and every aspect of power generation within your motorhome, caravan, campervan or boat.

Complete the form at the bottom of the page or call us on 01903 21 31 41 for a fast free lithium leisure battery fitting quotation!

£599.00 supplied and fitted, includes VAT

Fitting time is approximately 1 hour for a simple swap.

£1,077.39 supplied and fitted, includes VAT

PowerXtreme, 12v LiFePO4 lithium leisure batteries. The PowerXtreme batteries are ultra lightweight batteries with extreme power that will never let you down. 75ah and 125ah batteries 100% dis-chargeable.A great Litthium battery for the leisure market. Easy and quick to fit with built in BMS and Bluetooth connectivity.

£1,180.00 supplied and fitted, includes VAT

Fitting time is approximately 1 hour for a simple swap.