A van conversion only becomes a camper once you add sleeping quarters to it. Until then it’s a day van and that’s not what we’re looking for. To help you decide where and how to install your sleeping area, we have collated some of what we consider the most creative campervan bed designs around.

One of these is sure to work in your own van conversion!


Making space for a bed within a camper conversion can be more trouble than it really should be. That’s especially true if you use a small or unconventional van for the conversion.So how about using hammocks instead of trying to shoehorn a full bed inside a small space? It won’t work for everyone but for solo explorers, it could the perfect solution!

Slide out bed design

This slide out bed design is another bed that could work incredibly well. It’s another converting seat, this time integrated more tightly into the interior. A slat tray slides out of the seat to create the bed surface while cushioning moves around to ensure a good night’s sleep.

No frills platform bed

If the idea of not eating well while you’re travelling in your camper conversion fills you with horror, how about this full kitchen instead? It does take up quite a lot of space but the intelligent positioning minimises it as much as possible.It looks almost like a full home kitchen and uses standard kitchen techniques in the build. It does weigh  a bit but also offers all the comforts of home!

Sliding bed design

Yes, we know this is an American SUV but the principle behind this sliding platform bed is sound. Using some strong sliders and robust materials, you can have an amazing amount of storage underneath the bed. We have seen plenty of campervans with similar setups and it works incredibly well.

Double decker bed design

Who says living on the road means you have to be unwashed? This innovative shower solution uses a hidden box for drainage and a removable shower curtain to keep water inside. Along with some good ventilation and a warm water system, this is the perfect solution for keeping clean in small spaces.No more hanging the shower head off the back door or hanging a flimsy shower screen off the side of the van with this!

Another double decker with room for 5

To prove the above van example wasn’t a fluke, here’s another. This one is more illustrative of just how many people you can fit into a van given the correct amount of planning and bravery in those in the bottom bunk. This is a standard van but can comfortably sleep five with plenty of space for boards and gear underneath.

Triple decker campervan bed design

We’re always looking to push the boundaries so let’s push the double deck idea one step further. How about a triple decker? This campervan bed design would require a lot of planning and measuring but is equally viable. You do sacrifice storage but the end result is more sleeping space for each passenger.

Hanging hammock

Need to squeeze one more person into your campervan? How about this hanging hammock? It hangs over the driver and passenger seat in the van to turn otherwise unused space when parked into sleeping quarters. It’s simple, elegant and makes great use of space!

Bed for one

A different take on the hanging hammock is the standard hammock strung in the rear of the campervan. While they only sleep one comfortably, they are a superbly efficient use of space. Fold away when not in use to make the most of the entire van. Then at bed time, hang the hammock and you’re good to go.

Folding bed design

Our final example is a simple but very effective folding bed design built into the wall. It uses steel instead of wood and folds flat against the wall when not in use. This could be ideal for kids or small adults that don’t move much in their sleep although sleeping in the bed underneath would take some trust!

Those are just a few of the hundreds of campervan bed ideas out there to give you inspiration for your conversion project. Which do you like best? Have any others to suggest?

If you would like help with your DIY conversion project, check out our Van Conversions page that lists our services.

All work takes place at our workshop in Sussex.

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