There are just as many different types of trailers as there are uses of them, but something they all have in common is that they should be roadworthy and fit for purpose.

Trailer types

Commonly, trailers are towed behind a vehicle and are useful for getting belongings and equipment around without taking up valuable space inside the vehicle. These include:

  • Flatbed trailers
  • Camper trailers
  • Bike trailers
  • Refrigerated trailers
  • Race trailers
  • Vehicle trailers
  • Food retail trailers

Increasingly, we’re also seeing a rise in popularity of 5th wheel trailers, which work on the same principle as a motorhome or American RV. These aren’t just for getting you around, they also include habitation areas so you’re not sleeping on the ground. Our trailer upgrade and fitting services are available for all of these types of trailers, including:

  • Leisure trailers
  • Trailer tents
  • Folding campers
  • Recreational vehicle trailers

We offer a one-stop facility to fit, service or upgrade all types of trailers to provide:

  • Power – including solar panels
  • Water
  • Heating
  • Security – including alarms and trackers
  • Motor movers – making it easier to park off-road or in awkward locations.

And of course, we also offer towbar fitting, so you can tow your trailer.

Trailers are popular for off-road competitive sporting, for example motocross and trail racing. If you’re regularly taking your camper trailers off-road, then you should have the trailer regularly checked.

If you’ve just bought a trailer, or if you’re working on a conversion, speak to our technical team. We’re happy to talk you through our vehicle safety, operational checks and upgrade services. Just call us on 01903 21 31 41.

You can also fill out our easy upgrade request form at the bottom of this page to get your free, no-obligation quote.

All our trailer upgrade services take place at our professional workshop in Sussex. Our team includes qualified technicians and product experts. We’ve also been independently assessed and fully certified under the Approved Workshop Scheme (AWS).

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