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Motorhomes are valuable, and often very personal vehicles. Whilst immobilisers and other security devices can prevent a motorhome from being stolen, there may be times when it’s just as important to monitor the vehicle, for example when tracking a journey.

A motorhome tracker can accurately identify the location of a stolen or monitored motorhome. In the case of a stolen vehicle or even an accident, having the location can help guide the police for a quick recovery of the vehicle.

We offer fitted trackers for all types of motorhomes. We carry top brands, highly-rated and proven trackers. Once fitted, we’ll walk you through how to use the system, for optimum performance and reassurance. All our motorhome tracker fitting services are carried out at our AWS-approved workshop on the South coast.

Please browse our motorhome trackers. If you need help or have questions about any of our trackers or fitting service, call us on 01903 21 31 41.

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