Motorhome Dash Cams Fitting

Long journeys can be hazardous, but dash cams can provide reassurance if you find yourself heading towards a problem or falling foul of a careless driver.

Already popular with cars, dash cams are also increasingly popular for motorhomes and campervans too.

A dash cam fitted to your motorhome can support:

    • Speed awareness – many devices offer speed limit and speed camera alerts, ideal when travelling on unfamiliar roads.
    • Parking assistance – getting used to parking a mobile home can be tricky, but some models of dash cam also double up as a reversing camera.
    • Security surveillance – dash cams with parking mode can still gather motion-triggered footage when the vehicle is parked. This can support security when you’re away from the vehicle or sleeping inside it.
    • Fault fact-finding – in the event of an incident or accident dash cams can be ideal for providing evidence which prevents lengthy insurance wrangles and headaches.
    • Travel log – for long travels along scenic routes, invest in a dash cam with loop recording and a big memory card. This way, you can record the wonderful scenery whilst you’ve got your eyes safely on the road.

We offer fitted dash cams for all types of motorhomes, with a choice of brands and performance features. Once fitted, we walk you through how to use the system, for optimum performance and reassurance. All our motorhome dash cam fitting services take place at our AWS-approved workshop on the South coast.

If you need help or have questions about your dash cam options, call us on 01903 21 31 41.

Our price ranges show the maximum and minimum per product, including fitting. For a free, no-obligation quote customised to show the exact price for your make and model of campervan or motorhome, just fill out the fitting request form at the bottom of the page.

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