Looking for help converting your Luton into a camper? Have the basics covered but need help with the complicated work? Motorhome Workshop can help!

Motorhome Workshop Luton van conversions:

Luton vans make the ideal donors for camper conversions. They have a similar wheelbase to standard panel vans but have a much higher roof with excellent potential. Motorhome Workshop can help you realise that potential.

Our fully-trained, experts can perform a range of tasks to help you complete your DIY camper conversion.

Tasks such as:

All work will be fully guaranteed and signed off ready for use. Motorhome Workshop is a fully qualified AWS approved workshop in Sussex.

Our Luton van conversion services are designed to help you complete your project with the minimum of fuss and expense. You handle the design and main build and we’ll handle the specialist tasks.

Luton van conversion in West Sussex

Our AWS-approved team have a fully equipped workshop and vast experience converting all kinds of vehicles into fully operational campers. From old buses to army trucks, minivans to Luton vans, we have seen and worked on them all.

Our Luton van conversion services are designed specifically to complement your skills and enthusiasm. You perform the majority of the conversion, you fit out the interior, you design and build your conversion however you like. We just help with the technical stuff.

We can help fit:

  • Complete solar panel systems for total self-reliance
  • Gas heating and cooking systems to make a van a home
  • Water and sanitation systems for sinks, showers and waste
  • Electric systems to supply appliances, TVs and other accessories
  • Installation and connection of leisure batteries to help power your conversion
  • Suspension upgrades to help the van cope with extra weight and remain safe
  • Adding vents, awnings, skylights and other accessories
  • Installing bike racks, storage and other additions
  • Bespoke conversion tasks carried out on request

We can supply and fit a wide range of parts and accessories to your DIY Luton van conversion. All work will be of the highest quality and everything will come with full warranty.

Custom Luton van conversions

Have something specific in mind for your Luton van conversion but don’t know how to do it? Want to add unique accessories or configure a specific solar panel system? We can help!

As well as the standard services above, our team are always willing to undertake custom or bespoke tasks to help with your Luton van conversion. Just contact us using the forms below or call us on 01903 21 31 41 to discuss your needs!

All Luton van conversion work undertaken by Motorhome Workshop will be performed in our fully equipped workshop in East Sussex. All work will be fully guaranteed and compliant with all current legislation.

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